Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Getting Around the Old Trails Region this Summer (2011)

Rising water and road construction are adding a challenge to enjoying the Old Trails Region.  However, this challenge also presents travelers with the opportunity to travel a new route to their destinations.  While taking an indirect route will increase travel time, travelers will also experience new scenery along some of our country backroads.  Those travlers not wanting to take the "scenic route," can take comfort in knowing that most of the detours currently being used are fairly short and should only add a few minutes to their travel time.  To ensure arriving at your destination via the quickest route, call ahead to your destination to get directions from one of our hospitable partners.  You can also check out the Missouri Department of Transportation's Traveler Information Map.  The map displays locations along your route that may be closed or under construction.  You can click on the icons within the map to learn more about what's happening with the road at that location.  You can also use the map to plan an alternative route. 
We look forward to seeing you this summer!  Happy trails.

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